The first catrun was built the summer of 2013. The plan was to expand it the summer of 2014 , but a prolaps in my neck has delayed the work for another year.  There is plenty of space to expand, but I had to start small to be sure that I could do it. And I could !

It is built on the backside of my house.

Even if the exterior is finished, there is still work to be done to make the interior more enjoyable. It is coming............

The second catrun

The second catrun, intended to be the summerhouse for the studs, was started summer 2015.  I did put insulation under the floor, to keep it from getting too cold from the ground/wind. In the future I plan to put insulation in the wall/roof as well, so it can be used most months of the year. I use an extension cord to get electric heating in it early spring and late fall.


The big cat run finished. The green tarpaulin is to give shielding from the sun and rain. The plan is to find a prettier shielding, but for now it is working fine.
The "upstairs" of the cat house. Sebastian claimed it as his bedroom from the start.
Frosty settled for the "ground floor".
Sebastian looking up at the girls smaller cat run.

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27.10 | 07:28

Where abouts are you located. We would love to adopt as we owned a beautiful boy but he past away at 8mths old and our hearts were broken !! Please respond

08.06 | 03:18

Hello, I was wonder if you had any male nebelung kittens for sale in the future ?

13.07 | 23:26

HI Norma, It is Monica Taylor n Colorado USA. Let me hear from you if you have a moment to spear. Thank you for all your help regarding the Chantilly Nebelung

03.07 | 22:00

Hei Norma!

Jeg har sendt deg en epost. Er veldig interessert i å lære mere om Nebelung og muligens også eget oppdrett, etterhvert 🤗

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