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Exciting time.

Nova and Sebastian have been mating for 3 days.

Sebastian, even being so young, did not need much time to figure out what to do. Not like Frosty, who needed several months before he got it right.  Smiler stort

The timing could not have been better as I had already put myself down for a week vacation the same week that she will have her kittens if the mating was succesfull. And I think it was. Her heat stopped on day 3, and she usually show signs of being in heat for a full week. And they mated a lot !

It is difficult to plan the arrival of kittens to a week where I can stay at home every day, but this time it could not have been timed better.

It is good to know that I can be there for her 24/7.


It will be less than 10 months since she gave birth to Acey, but she is in very good health. And because she only had one kitten the first time, she was not exhausted caring for a bunch of kittens either.


In ab. 3 weeks I will know for sure. 

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29.08 | 01:07

Hello. My name is Steven Disseldorp. Speak Dutc, but writing,not so in California. I am in quest of a Chantilly Kitty🙏. Mine of 20 years passed.

04.03 | 05:45


My girlfriend and I recently rescued a 7 month male kitty that appears to be a Chantilly. He is un neutered and we are looking for remaining Chantilly breeders to confirm that he is in fact one. Do you know of any still in operation?



27.10 | 07:28

Where abouts are you located. We would love to adopt as we owned a beautiful boy but he past away at 8mths old and our hearts were broken !! Please respond

08.06 | 03:18

Hello, I was wonder if you had any male nebelung kittens for sale in the future ?

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