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Acey's color gives information ab possible future Chanti...

The DNA test for Acey proves that she is aabbdd, a solid Lilac.

It also gives me the genetic information for Frosty and Nova, which means they have to be aabbDd and aaBbdd, to have a solid Lilac kitten.

Genetically they can have Chocolate, Black, Lilac and Blue Chantilly kittens. 25 % chance for each color, but a litter can be any number of each or just one of the colors.

Tabby is not in any of their genes, so all kittens should be solid.

I plan to mate them once more at the end of next year since the first mating only resulting in one single kitten.  After that I need to bring in a new female for Frosty.


The bad thing is that the Chantilly is on the brink of extinction, so she might be hard to find.



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29.08 | 01:07

Hello. My name is Steven Disseldorp. Speak Dutc, but writing,not so in California. I am in quest of a Chantilly Kitty🙏. Mine of 20 years passed.

04.03 | 05:45


My girlfriend and I recently rescued a 7 month male kitty that appears to be a Chantilly. He is un neutered and we are looking for remaining Chantilly breeders to confirm that he is in fact one. Do you know of any still in operation?



27.10 | 07:28

Where abouts are you located. We would love to adopt as we owned a beautiful boy but he past away at 8mths old and our hearts were broken !! Please respond

08.06 | 03:18

Hello, I was wonder if you had any male nebelung kittens for sale in the future ?

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