Cacao Criadero's Acey


Acey was the first kitten to be born in my Cattery. She was the only one in the "lit" and was given the name,Acey, which means *number one*. Born on February 8th 2013.

Her furcoat is solid Lilac. 

Breed   :  Chantilly

Sex      :   Female  

Color    :  Solid Lilac

Eye color : Green.


Born    : Febr. 8th  2013 in Cacao Criadero Cattery, Norway

Sire : Amorino's Frosty of Cacao Criadero

Dam : LePors Petite Nova of Cacao Criadero  

Acey, 10 months.
Acey,7 months.
Acey, 5 months.
Eyes are turning green.4 months.
Acey, 3 months.
Acey, 11 weeks.
Acey, 10 weeks.
Acey,9 weeks.
Acey, 8 weeks.
Acey, 7 weeks
Acey, 6 months.

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08.07 | 00:18

Hi Norma,

I hope my information reaches you. Wanted to know if you breed Turkish Angoras; I am looking for one. I am Monica Newsom USA.

26.04 | 17:39

Hi good morning all right, I would like to know how much the nebelung puppy is and if you send it to other countries.

19.03 | 19:26

Hi! I’m in Washington, USA. Have a 13 yr old Chantilly and looking for another! Mine was rescued (with her brother in Spokane) but both sterilized. Help?

29.08 | 01:07

Hello. My name is Steven Disseldorp. Speak Dutc, but writing,not so in California. I am in quest of a Chantilly Kitty🙏. Mine of 20 years passed.

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