Le Pors' Petite Nova of Cacao Criadero


Breed : Nebelung

Sex : Female

Color  : Blue

Eye color  : Green


Born  : Sept.18th 2008 in Le Pors Cattery, Canada

Sire : Lovenblues Blitzen of LePors

Dam  : Nebelheim Daisy Mae of LePors


LePors Petite Nova of Cacao Criadero, born Sept.18th, 2008 in Canada. Spend some years in Amorino Cattery in USA before she came to Norway and Cacao Criadero Cattery in April 2012.

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29.08 | 01:07

Hello. My name is Steven Disseldorp. Speak Dutc, but writing,not so good.im in California. I am in quest of a Chantilly Kitty🙏. Mine of 20 years passed.

04.03 | 05:45


My girlfriend and I recently rescued a 7 month male kitty that appears to be a Chantilly. He is un neutered and we are looking for remaining Chantilly breeders to confirm that he is in fact one. Do you know of any still in operation?



27.10 | 07:28

Where abouts are you located. We would love to adopt as we owned a beautiful boy but he past away at 8mths old and our hearts were broken !! Please respond

08.06 | 03:18

Hello, I was wonder if you had any male nebelung kittens for sale in the future ?

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