Cacao Criadero Cattery

Cacao Criadero can be translated to "the cacao nursery" or the Chocolate Nursery.Of course the "cacao" word is for the chocolate color of the first Chantillys.

My first Chantilly, Frosty, is a solid chocolate Chantilly.  The Chantilly cats are almost extinct, and finding a female Chantilly for Frosty has proven to be difficult.  ACFA accepts both other solid colors and tabby,( see the link to ACFA for standards), but the chocolate color is the original color.  I am working closely with the breeder of Amorino Cattery in USA, who is the last cattery there to breed Chantilly cats.

ACFA accepts Nebelung, Somali and Havana Brown as out-crosses for the Chantilly. This is also a must to keep the Chantilly from diappearing. The program to save the Chantilly may take some years.

My Nebelung female cat came into my life first as an intended out-cross for my Chantilly, but it also made me fall in love with the Nebelung breed as well. This breed is also a rare breed,but not as much as the Chantilly now is. There are several Nebelung breeders in Europe, but I am the first breeder to bring the Nebelung to Norway and Scandinavia.

My cattery is registered with TICA  (The International Cat Association) and ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association). I am not an activ member at ACFA at the moment as my Chantilly breeding program has stopped.

TICA had a Norwegian cat organisation connected to them, NORticats, and I was a member there from May 1st 2014. From May 2015 NORticats has not been able to get a new board going, still hoping it will be a solution to that, but as for now they are not active.......




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08.06 | 03:18

Hello, I was wonder if you had any male nebelung kittens for sale in the future ?

13.07 | 23:26

HI Norma, It is Monica Taylor n Colorado USA. Let me hear from you if you have a moment to spear. Thank you for all your help regarding the Chantilly Nebelung

03.07 | 22:00

Hei Norma!

Jeg har sendt deg en epost. Er veldig interessert i å lære mere om Nebelung og muligens også eget oppdrett, etterhvert 🤗

11.03 | 16:14

Forgive me for typing in English. Ive been searching for a Tiffanie since I lost mine and can't find any breeders. Are you breeding Chantilly/Tiffanies

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